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How to Step Up Your Influencer Marketing

You’ve probably heard the term influencer marketing many times as the idea has been around for several years. You may have decided to give it a try and not yet been able to reap the rewards. Currently, influencer marketing is a hot topic of conversation for marketers, because it seems that the traditional ways of advertising are not working quite so well anymore. Customers don’t like to be bombarded with adverts and marketing messages have less credibility. ?Hence the rise in influencer marketing as one alternative to traditional ads. It is a very powerful marketing strategy to adopt, but it does have to be done properly, in order for it to be effective.

Influencer Marketing - The Right Way to Do It

An influencer is a person who has the power to influence the perception of others or get them to do something different. In terms of marketing, this person will help people buy from you. To have such an influence they have to be able to deliver their message to a large number of people, for example, via their popular blog. An influencer has to have a high level of trust and authority given to them by their audience. They have to be knowledgeable and experienced in a specific subject and be able to explain things in a convincing way.

Marketers use influencer marketing by borrowing an influencers reach. For example, they will look for someone with a lot of Instagram followers and pay them to advertise a product. However, this is really just another form of celebrity endorsement, and there is a better way to use this strategy.

The best influencer marketing centres around building personal relationships with influencers rather than crossing their palm with silver. It’s about sharing useful, unique, exclusive, or early information.??

Video is the New King of Influencer Marketing

It used to be that content was king. However, the rapid growth of YouTube, Facebook, and social media platforms such as Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook Stories has fuelled the popularity of using creative video productions. Recent figures are predicting that 80% of all internet traffic will be video, so a video marketing campaign has to play a big part in any business strategy.

If you want to take advantage of video marketing, you need to find relevant influencers to work with. Your product or service will need to be in line with their existing audience in order to be effective.
Give the influencer room to use their creative freedom. The audience that is watching the influencer is attracted to the way they do things and the person themselves. They know their audience better than you do so give them a certain amount of freedom.

Feature the influencer in your video content as this will capitalise on their loyal following and lead some of them on to following your channel. This is beneficial for both of you.

Influencer marketing is a strategy that has been shown to work, and video is the marketing trend for the next year at the very least.

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