Tracking and Monitoring Results to Improve Web Promotions

Without tracking your marketing efforts you won't know which SEO techniques are working for your websites, which techniques are all sweat, all tears and no revenue and your results may slip through your fingers without you knowing how to revert these changes. One thing that sets me apart from other SEOs is my rigorous reporting. This way evert stage and improvement made to a websites on and off page optimisation is catalogued so we can correlate these changes with improvements in SERPs and traffic. It also helps being able to remove any strategies which may have any adverse effects. See my specialist SEO knowledge.

Tracking and Monitoring Results

The secret of successful marketing is to spend your efforts where they will count most. There is a thing we call the 80-20 rule, which states that 80 percent of your results come from just 20 percent of your efforts, while the other 80 percent of your efforts only actually produces the final 20 percent of results.

In marketing and promotion, there are always more methods and techniques to try, than you can ever have the time and budget to try. It is therefore essential that you swiftly learn to evaluate ROI (return on investment) for yourself.

The oldest method for finding out how clients came to you is to ask them how they heard of you. Unfortunately response rates for such are traditionally very low, and may certainly not be considered representative.

Suppose only 2 percent of your clients were to fill out a questionnaire, and that they are only the two percent who responded to a particular kind of advertising? In other words, would those people who chose to fill out a questionnaire be representative of those who chose not to?

What is needed then is a method of tracking referrals that is reliable, and that does not depend on clients having to volunteer extra information. For this, webmasters turn to various tracking solutions.

The problems of accurately tracking the full effects of any promotional activities are tough indeed. The largest single factor is that no single tracking solution is flawless.

Working with the most reliable supplier of let us showcase core web marketing ideas.

I tried the product myself as was very impressed with the search results capability, it also gives you direct links to the website so you can see statistics on the product that you are thinking of promoting, these statistics include the refund rate for the product, how popular the product is online, and if the number of people promoting the product has gone up or down, in other words you can see if the product has already had it's "moment" on the internet and been promoted to the extent that no one is promoting it anymore.

In the following pages I shall give information and advice about each of the common tracking solutions webmasters may use. As you will learn, there is no truly faultless solution to tracking.

What you should gain, however, is a successful overview of the means and tactics for gaining data, and an understanding of the main strengths and weaknesses of each source of data.

Importantly, you may learn to easily combine several different sources of data, so that even if your information is never 100 percent representative, it will at least be far more detailed in informing you of possible trends.

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