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There has been a resurgence in banner advertising outside of the usual Google Adsense placed ads, usually on highly targeted websites that have both excellent conent and high traffic (1 million plus per annum).

Love them or hate them banners are what pays for over 20% of the websites on the internet. Although banner advertising has a low conversion rate as a rule, often not yielding more than 2 visitors per thousand banner impressions.

So how can I maximise my return Banner Advertising?

Well, despite the relatively poor value of banners for driving traffic, and despite banners being a successful way to burn cash for little direct result, banner adverts can indeed be worthwhile for certain businesses to consider and to use.

Let me start off by saying it is not our intent to make a site identical in every browser. We believe that is detrimental to your business. Different browsers render things differently, as you might expect. There are features in some browsers that add greatly to the user?s experience. We firmly believe that it is best practice to build a site with the most features that are practical, and have the site degrade gracefully in browsers that don't support them.

In the US, it's common place for any successful marketer to share their knowledge, experience and Internet success stories with others. This is usually by means of a seminar or conference and is almost always filmed for the benefit of those unable to attend. It's quite typical for these 'Gurus' to charge an attendance fee of around ?4000 per head.

For while the direct response rate to banners is less than 1%, the top research shows that a banner advertising campaign can raise brand awareness by 5 or 6%. If you are building a brand name on the internet then banner ads are highly effective. Good examples of banner ads can be seen on this website

It should not really surprise anyone that banners do not tend to generate high click through ratios. A banner is generally appearing on a page someone is interested in (else why are they there) offering a very brief invitation to the unknown.

We believe that each website we build should reflect the culture of the business it represents. It should also convey trust and competence to the customer. To this end, other than the potential use of stock photography (when custom photography is not available), all graphics are built from scratch using Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and Adobe (formerly Macromedia) Fireworks.

We design our sites to grow. We do not assume that the site will remain “as is” for the life of the business. Just as you might assume you may need to move into a larger office or store, we assume that the needs of the site will grow. As we are all painfully aware, technology (including the Web) changes rapidly. We want to make sure that your site can change with it, even if someone else is doing the changing.

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Banner ads are so commonplace that they become almost invisible, about as noticeable as the menu bar on your browser

However, the branding effect, the way a name from a banner ad can slip into our consciousness, that works well still, although it generally takes successful design and a handful of exposures for a banner ad to work its full magic.

So, if you want to try banner advertising, select a banner that maximises the brand-building and brand-awareness generating aspects right from the start. Avoid annoying banners, such as distracting animations, to avoid associating your brand with annoyance.

Buying and selling advertising space and sponsorship
It describes the basic principles of buying and selling advertising and entering into a sponsorship relationship with a third party.

Select where your banner will appear not only by the volume of your target audience that will see it there, but also to enhance your reputation by association with who is carrying your banner.

We will not be satisfied merely with building a quick website and throwing it on the Web. No, we are committed to delivering a quality, custom website, tailored to the needs of your customers.

Aim to make your message give a lasting impression in the memory of those who read it. You are not going to get huge volumes of click traffic on a banner anyway, so instead maximise the real benefit of letting your audience know you are out there and active.

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